peach zinfandel / pomegranate

$ 28.00

A holiday treat or just a normal day will be special with this refreshing white zinfandel wine that's flavorfully kissed with sparkling rays of translucent peach nectar. This scent will trigger memorable and happy thoughts. 

Since the wax is 100% soy like a natural moisturizer, the wine bottle etched jar is safely reusable for the green consumer. This product is individually wrapped in recyclable newsprint adorned with the Verbena crown logo, tied by a natural red-striped ribbon, and accessorized with a SIGNATURE CORK, which was dipped in the scent's extra pure soy wax. Our candles are hand poured, jar by jar, at our own kitchen in Napa, where we control the production process. We use only essential oils in our recipe.


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