lemongrass verbena (Maison)

$ 15.00
SKU: C008A

A concoction of Lemongrass and Verbena leaves blended with a secret ingredient formulated by the House of Verbena Chocolat. This hard to find scent in our shelves is combined with lavender, geranium rose and lemongrass. The woody musk flashed with the secret oil makes this scent worthy of being labeled as the signature scent of Maison de Verbena.

Scented candles can add warmth to any home while giving it a clean, refreshing, and comfortable feel. They can celebrate a season or a holiday, or even give you joie de vivre to uplift your mood. Scented candles are also a convenient way to add the component of perfume to any room; light one and, voila , you're in a field of lilies! As with our Wine Collection Candles, we only use 100% soy, grown in 100 year old American farms which are FDA and USDA regulated. Eco-cotton wick and thin paper interwoven threads are used in all our candles.

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