Wholesale Trade

For wholesale inquiries please create a Verbana Chocolate account. To expedite the processing of your wholesale account, please attach a jpg or pdf file of your seller's permit and business license, and a link to your company website. Send all information, including your Verbana Chocolat account information, to info@verbenachocolat.com. For any additional inquires please email us or call us at 415-728-8634.

Verbena Chocolat also has a strict zoning policy where merchants and retailers representing the brand should operate within an exclusive geographical area. We shall make an objective survey if the Verbena Chocolat brand is already being sold in your area to preempt retail clusters. Verbena Chocolat's strategic growth thrust is to create markets and not to share markets. Moreover, Verbena Chocolat puts significant weight on the merchants business / corporate mission if it is compatible with our strong branding and imaging forward thinking philosophy.