our safety policy on COVID-19 prevention

COVID-19 Prevention Safety Policy

At Maison Verbena, we ensure social distancing practices for employees; frequent and adequate employee handwashing, facilities and surface sanitation; and ensure sick employees stay home or go home if they feel ill.

Mandatory Social Distancing

At the production, workshop and shipping areas, all employees keep at least six feet away from coworkers and the public, when feasible. Other prevention measures are required such as use of barriers to block sneezes and coughs, and ventilation improvements when social distancing isn’t feasible.

Workplace Safety Ideas in Place:

  • Moved workstations farther apart.
  • Reduced the number of workstations in use at a given time.
  • Moved certain tasks or meetings to times and/or locations with fewer people present.
  • Made provisions to prevent close contact between workers and others (e.g., coworkers and the public) when shipping and packing items, moving candle and soap production kitchen tools, or raw materials like soy wax and essential oils. For example, require one-at-a-time access at designated drop-off/pick-up points.
  • Controlled the number of people entering the workplace premises.
  • Staggered work schedules so workers don’t crowd when they arrive and leave work.

Routine and Frequent Cleaning

  • Established a housekeeping schedule to address regular, frequent, and periodic cleaning of office, production and shipping areas.
  • Provided appropriate and adequate cleaning supplies.
  • Ensured floors, counters, and other surfaces are regularly cleaned with water and soap, or other cleaning liquids to prevent build-up of dirt and residues that can harbor contamination.
  • Made sure high-touch surfaces are properly disinfected on a frequent or periodic basis using a bleach solution or other EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Ensured employees follow effective cleaning procedures and use protective gloves and eye/face protection (e.g. face shields and/or goggles) when mixing, spraying, and wiping with liquid cleaning products, like diluted bleach.
  • Made sure shared work vehicles are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Wearing masks and distancing must also be observed inside vehicle when delivering merchandise


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